Recruitment Process

General recruitment process you will need to undertake to fill an internal role..

In an ideal world this is the process you would follow to find your ideal candidate. Unfortunatly in the real world not everything goes to plan and this process can break down at any of these stages.

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As part of our service we advertise roles on all the major job boards and social channels to guarentee applications from qualified candidtates.

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Client Interviews

HR Employment Bureau will arrange multiple telephone, digital or face to face interview with the hiring client and candidate.

Why Outsource Recruitment?

Recruiting, especially if you do not recruit often can consume time and money and end with you not finding the right person for the role you are looking to fill.


The Average time it takes a company to recruit for a role is 28 days.
Screening CV's 5 days
Interviewing 6 days
Referencing & Testing 11 days
Selection & Negotioation 6 days


The average internal cost to recruit for a role is £3,000. This includes the hours spent creating job descriptions, interviewing, reference checking and contract negotions, as well as adverising costs.

Using An Agency

Using an agency takes away the time involved in the recruitment process to free up your staff for other projects
Less Time
Same Avearge Cost
Only Pay For Results
The big difference with using an agency over recruiting yourself is that if the agency is not sucessfull, there is no charge and no lost time.

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Candidate Attraction

Candidate attraction starts with writing a dynamic and compelling job description, HR Employment Bureau have years of experience in creating job descritions that will attract talent to any role.

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Candidate Contact

We sift through all applications and arrange the first telephone interview with the applicant, once a candidate is qualified a profile report is sent to the client hiring.

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References & Offer

HR Employment Bureau will obtain relevant reference for the candidate and liase with the candidate about offers, counter offers and final contracts.